Saturday, August 13, 2011

One week down...

Oh my...after my first week of teaching I feel like I could sleep for days. It has certainly been an interesting week to say the least, and many things that I would have not expected..but I guess thats teaching for ya!

Let's start with Meet the Teacher, this was on Monday afternoon of this week. At the time I had 31 kids on my list, and 17 of them showed up. (For our school that seems to be a pretty good turn out). I was excited and ready to start my first day at this point....that was until the first day actually came.
Tuesday morning, I was cutting velcro for my behavior chart and cut my hand open just 10 minutes before the kids were to be coming into my room. Not my ideal start to the morning. I had 24 of my students show up on the first day...they are such sweet and adorable second graders, ready to learn! Except for one....

Let me remind you, this is my first year teaching and I am still getting a grip on everything. So to make a long story short, my little unruly friend decided to turn desks over and start kicking them. I had to have multiple people come into my room to talk to him just so I could teach the rest of my class. By day two, he was trying to flip the trash cans over and sitting on the floor refusing to do anything and listen to anyone. So, by the end of day 2 he was moved out of my classroom. My principal and CPT's both told me that if they had known he was on my class list they would have never left him in my class. I just really felt like I was in over my head with him, especially with my first year teaching. Since he left my class he's been sent to the office every day for being violent and disruptive. We shall see what happens to him the rest of the year....
Overall, I had a really great first week. I have a very chatty class so I am working on getting the talking and disruptions under control but I feel like that may come in time.
Any suggestions from other great teachers out there? What do you guys use to quiet your class and for disruptive behaviors??

Just a glimpse into my first week, I'm sure there will be more drama to come... :)

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  1. Have you seen the volume control levels poster? I always have chatty students (it's classic second grader behavior). We started school on Wednesday...the best first three days of my 23 year teaching career!!! All because I found the volume control levels poster...which I haven't even MADE YET! I'm just using the ideas and the children have been amazing! :) I'll go search for it and post another comment when I find it...if I find it before you do! ;)


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